Module toolkit to load software

To check available modules(softwares) and its version

$ module avail

To clear the environment from any previously loaded modules

$ module purge

To load intel or gcc compiler

$ module load intel/2018
$ module load gcc/


User can always find MPI libraries at following path:

To setup mpi environment, please source setup script at following path:

You should be able to find various mpi version there. If you don't what you need, please contact us.


User can always find different compiler at following path:

To setup compiler environment, please source specific setup script at following path:

Scientific software & libraries

Some specific scientific softwares and libraries will be installed at following path:

User can always find a setup script: at software directory respectively.
To setup specific software/libraries environment, simply source those to activate it:
source /cvmfs/<software name="">/

If you don't find software you need, please contact our dicos support team. We will try to install those software for you.

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