DiCOS Data Management Client Command Line Tool (ddmc)

Advance Preparation

  1. Before using DiCOS, you should have the following things :

  2. SSH log in DiCOS web UI with your DiCOS account:

    • dicos-ui.grid.sinica.edu.tw or

    • dicos-ui.twgrid.org



  • Set up

    Initialize the voms proxy before using ddmc.

    voms-proxy-init -voms <VO>

    $ voms-proxy-init -voms twgrid
    • note:
      • <VO> is one the Virtual Organizations you are joining, for example : twgrid, atlas, ams02.cern.ch

      • If you have already initialized a voms proxy in last 12 hours (so the proxy is not expired), you don't need to do this step again. In fact, "ddmc" will remind you if you don't have a valid and unexpired voms proxy initialized.

  • Ping

    Connect to DiCOs Data Management (DDM) server to see if it's alive. It will return OK if everything is fine.

    ddmc ping

    $ ddmc ping
    RUCIO Version: 0.2.6
    DDM Ping OK!
  • Upload

    Upload and register your local file to a DDM dataset.

    ddmc ul|upload <local file path> <DDM dataset>

    $ ddmc ul /home/wchang/wjtest/wjtest17 wjtest_dataset1
    $ ddmc ul /home/wchang/wjtest/wjtest* wjtest_dataset1
    • note:
      • The <local file path> can be either absolute path or relative path.
      • Wildcard * is available in <local file path> to upload multiple files.
      • <local file path> has to be regular file(s); any directory (and everything under it) or irregular file will NOT be uploaded.
      • The <DDM dataset> MUST be defined in this command.
      • If the dataset <DDM dataset> has not existed in your scope yet, it will be automatically created first.
  • Download

    Download a file or all files in a container/dataset on DDM to your local directory.

    ddmc dl|download <DDM container/dataset/file> [<local directory path>]

    $ ddmc dl tid9907_1473730551_wj_test_pilotlog.txt /home/wchang
    • note:
      • When downloading a whole dataset or container, all files in it will be downloaded to the local directory WITHOUT any nested sub-directory.
      • <local directory path> MUST be a directory, not a file. If this argument is missed in the command, present working directory (pwd) will be the default directory.
      • Wildcard * is NOT supported in <DDM container/dataset/file>
  • Query

    List content in a container/dataset in your scope on DDM.

    ddmc ls [-r] [<DDM container/dataset>]

    $ ddmc ls wjtest_2015031701
     |    |- wjtest09 [FILE]
     |    |- wjtest10 [FILE]
     |    |- wjtest11 [FILE]
     |    |- wjtest12 [FILE]
     |    |- wjtest13 [FILE]
     |    |- wjtest14 [FILE]
     |    |- wjtest15 [FILE]
     |    |- wjtest16 [FILE]
     |    |- wjtest18 [FILE]
    $ ddmc ls 
    JobOutput [CONTAINER]
    wjtest2194 [FILE]
    wjtest_20150313 [DATASET]
    wjtest_20150315 [DATASET]
    wjtest_20150316 [DATASET]
    wjtest_2015031601 [DATASET]
    wjtest_2015031701 [DATASET]
    wjtest_20150324 [DATASET]
    $ ddmc ls -r
    JobOutput [CONTAINER]
     |    |- wjtest_20150312 [DATASET]
     |    |    |- wjtest111 [FILE]
     |    |- wjtest_20150313 [DATASET]
     |    |    |- wjtest112 [FILE]
     |    |    |- wjtest113 [FILE]
    wjtest2194 [FILE]
    wjtest_20150313 [DATASET]
     |    |- wjtest101 [FILE]
     |    |- wjtest102 [FILE]
     |    |- wjtest103 [FILE]
    • note:
      • If <DDM container/dataset> is missing in the command, content in the top scope will be listed.
      • With option '-r', one can list all files exhaustively (recursively) in the container/dataset.

    List file information such as file size, checksum, and direct link.

    ddmc getlink <DDM file>

    $ ddmc getlink tid9885_1473730529_wj_test_pilotlog.txt


This command-line tool is meant to deal with massive local file upload/download only. To use complete data management functions (such as copy/paste, creating a new container/dataset, etc.), please go to DiCOS Data Management Webpage.

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