This document is only for the users from Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

Advance Preparation

  1. SSH log in or
  2. This user manual can also be found on


  • Ping

    Connect to rucio server to see if it's alive. It will return rucio version if everything is OK.

    rucio ping

    $ rucio ping
  • Upload

    Register and upload your files to the storage.

    rucio upload --rse PHYS-EOS01_TWGRIDSCRATCHDISK --scope <your scpoe> --did <your scope>:<dataset name> --files <your file path in local>

    $ rucio upload --rse PHYS-EOS01_TWGRIDSCRATCHDISK --scope twgrid-user-wchang --did twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest_20150324 --files /raid8/wchang/wjtest/wjtest17
    • note:
      • <dataset name> must be set.
      • If the <dataset name> does not exist in your scope, the system will create it for you.
      • The wildcard * can be used in <your file path in local>.
  • Download

    Download your files from the storage.

    rucio download <your scope>:<file name> --dir <local directory to put your file>

    $ rucio download twgrid-user-wchang:tid9907_1473730551_wj_test_pilotlog.txt --dir /raid8/wchang
    • note:
      • <file name> can be replaced with <dataset name> or <container name>.
      • When download a whole dataset or container, the files in it will all downloaded into a directory without any folder.
      • <local directory to put your file> must be a directory, can not be a file name.
      • Not support the wildcard * in <your scope>:<file name>
  • Query

    List top-level directory structure in your scope.

    rucio list-dids --scope <your scope> [--recursive]

    $ rucio list-dids --scope twgrid-user-wchang 
    twgrid-user-wchang:JobOutput [CONTAINER]
    twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest19 [FILE]
    twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest_201503 [DATASET]
    twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest_20150315 [DATASET]
    twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest_20150316 [DATASET]
    twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest_2015031601 [DATASET]
    twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest_2015031701 [DATASET]
    twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest_20150324 [DATASET]

    you can also list the whole structure in your scope by using "--recursive"

    $ rucio list-dids --scope twgrid-user-wchang --recursive

    List the directory structure under indented did.

    rucio list-dids --scope <your scope> <your scope>:<Dataset/Container name>

    $ rucio list-dids --scope twgrid-user-wchang twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest_2015031701
     |    |- twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest09 [FILE]
     |    |- twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest10 [FILE]
     |    |- twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest11 [FILE]
     |    |- twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest12 [FILE]
     |    |- twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest13 [FILE]
     |    |- twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest14 [FILE]
     |    |- twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest15 [FILE]
     |    |- twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest16 [FILE]
     |    |- twgrid-user-wchang:wjtest18 [FILE]

    List file information such as file size, checksum and file path.

    rucio list-replicas <your scope>:<file name>

    $ rucio list-replicas twgrid-user-wchang:tid9885_1473730529_wj_test_pilotlog.txt

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