1. What's different between Priority user queue (PQ) and generic user queue (GQ)?
    - PQ users have dedicated CPU cluster resource, which allows user to do more CPU intensive computing.
  2. How to use such PQ cluster resource?
    - If user is in priority user list, user will see specific PQ app to launch in DiCOSApp list.
    - However, PQ APP uses slurm as cluster resource manager, so, user must do a bit configuration for cisTEM as mentioned at 3).
  3. How to configure PQ cisTEM.
    - Leave "Manager Command" as what it is.
    - There is provisioned job script, just need to modify the Command option for each run profile to look like:
    sbatch /opt/hpc_soft/cryoEM/job.sh $command
    - Please adjust number of copies accordingly to your jobs scale.
     * The maximum copies(core numbers) will be 60 per user.
    - The screenshot below is what it will look like:
cisTEM command configuration
Completed cisTEM command configuration

4. Since PQ cluster is isolated resource, so, we need to copy data into cluster storage. The cluster storage is mounted at:
- User can only access their group directory at /cluster_storage
- Please also be aware, the cluster_storage is not meant for long term storage, so, please remember to copy your output back to your $HOME/data or /cryoem_user/scratch/data/
5. Please note that, cisTEM user project must be created under /cluster_storage/ as well.
6. How to configure RELION for PQ?
- RELIOM is pre-configured to use sbatch by default, so, user doesn't have to do any thing.

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