Now web console is online:
1. Login first before using it.
2. You can initial proxy on web page or use command line.

Support Browser

Browser\OS Windows 7 Windows 10 Ubuntu MacOS
IE OK(10+) OK(MS edge) None None
Firefox OK OK OK OK
Chrome OK OK OK OK
Safari No(ver. 5.1.7) No(ver. 5.1.7) None OK


  • Screen is as same as the following image or a blank screen (usually happened in Win7 Firefox),
1. Go to Let's Encrypt Certificates page
2. Clicke Let’s Encrypt Authority X3 (IdenTrust cross-signed) [pem]

3. Select Trust this CA to identify websites. and Trust this CA to identify software developers. , then click OK

4. Back to Web Console and you can see it works normally

  • Screen shows only "Gate One - Applications" as the following image
- Due to incorrect clock time (slower than normal time), please check your computer.



Action\OS Windows Linux MacOS
Copy ⌘-c
Paste Shift + Insert Shift + Insert ⌘-v
View the Help Shift + F1 Shift + F1
Open Terminal Ctrl + Alt + N Ctrl + Alt + N
Close Terminal Ctrl + Alt + W Ctrl + Alt + W

Terminal Font Size

  • A. Click Setting icon -> B. Select Terminal -> C. Set Font Size field >100% e.g. 150% -> D. Save your setting

New Workspace and Manage

  • You can add new workspaces and use Grid View to switch them (Max terminal: 10)
  • Current terminal location will show on the bottom right
  • Grid View can swtich your existed workspaces

Terminal Application Panel

  • Click Panel icon -> Here can Log Viewer (Activity log), Save Playback (a HTML file of your command history)....etc.

See Images

  • cat <your_image_name> e.g. cat povpawn.png
  • and you can right-click to save images

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