Distributed Cloud Operating System to support big data analysis and e-Science.


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    New AMD compiler module (aomp)
    How to use?
       Try the following to start the AMD compiler
    module load aomp/17.0-2
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About DiCOS

DiCOS is the operating system for the distributed Cloud environment, to provide scalable infrastructure, flexible platform as well as intelligent data and job tools for high performance scientific and generic computing purposes.

In addition, together with the fanless rack system, DiCOS also serve as the building block of various levels of resource centers for the distributed Cloud.

Performance, Efficiency, Scalability


DiCOS is the Distributed Cloud Operating System to support big data analysis and e-Science by the scalable distributed computing environment.

12PB+ Storge

DiCOS has 5PB of free space, about storing 210000 Blu-ray movies.

20000+ CPU Cores

There are over 10,000 on-demand CPU cores and the total computing power is beyond 2,500 PCs.

Friendly UI

Without using command line, DiCOS makes job submission more easier, more closer to people's need.